LookyLooky Border Collies


Whoosh Born 2.3.06

He is growing into a handsome boy and I am besotted with him

Photographs are by courtesey of Mrs Beverley Barker please follow link for information

on her photographs

Here is Whoosh doing puppy heelwork at 15 weeks

What a handsome boy

Wish Novice Recall 15 weeks - What a clever boy

This is a picture of Whoosh at now 5 1/2 months old taken 25th August 2006.

and this one is taken on the same day.

It is now December 2006 and Whoosh is growing into a handsome boy. 

Just like his father. 

His training is progressing nicely though he is slow to mature and will not compete

 until probably 2008

and here in the forest out for a run

At 9 months old he is maturing nicely.


Whoosh is 14 months Old May 07 and is developing lovely.   I am so very pleased with how

 he has grown and how his training is developing.

Here is a picture of him after playing outside my caravan on the bank holiday

 weekend 27 May -07

A mouthfull of mud, yummy !!!


Whoosh was entered for competition in October 2007 and won his Novice Class. 

What a very clever boy he is.

The dog show season has now finished for us and I will look forward to competing with

 Whoosh during 2008 and will keep you updated.

My clever boy Whoosh won his second novice on 17 May 2008

Here is a picture of him doing heelwork training round in Novice after his second win

Whoosh is doing very well in A and got a 2nd place on 14th June followed by first place on 15th June at Surrey.  My clever boy Whoosh.

Whoosh got another 2nd in A 27th August 2008.  I was so delighted with his work.

Good Boy whoosh, my special boy.


Whoosh won B on 20th July 2008.  What a clever boy he is.

Whoosh Won A in September 2008 qualifying him out of Class A


My clever boy Whoosh won another B,  so I will be teaching him his C work over the Winter.

My Clever Boy Whoosh, Winning Novice his A's and B's in 2008.  What a clever boy.


This is Whoosh doing Heelwork for Class B in his last show of the Season




I can't believe that Whoosh is nearly 3 years old.  Where has the time gone.

Here is a photo of Whoosh february 2009

WHOOSH       2009

During April and May in Agility Whoosh did brilliantly winning Grade 1 Jumping

first time out.  He then got a 16th in Agility holding his contacts and then a 2nd in agility

still holding his contacts.  Clever boy.  My jumping however was not so good as he was

getting faster and my commands were getting slower - How Sad !!!


Then in obedience,  on 10th June 2009 Whoosh Won his last B  

 C only at just 3 years old. 


Whoosh also in agility won 3 jumping classes and 3 agility classes making him grade 3 at the end of his first season of competition. Clever boy Whoosh.



I will keep you updated.

Whoosh has settled brilliantly into C and I am really excited

about next season 2010.

Well 2010 has been a fabulous year.  I  have entered more agility shows than obedience and Whoosh has gone to Grade 5.  My clever boy Whoosh .  In obedience he has come very very close to qualifiers, but Distance control has been a bit of a problem with him missing mainly the first position, which in every show I have done, has been the down to the Sit.  He is a fabulous boy and I enjoy every moment of him.

He is a bit of video of Kennel Club Festival   2010


 Will keep you updated for 2011 xx


Whoosh Qualified for the Olympia at Kernow early in 2011.  The Semi's  are in September 2011.  This win has taken him to Grade 6.

He also won another Grade 5 Agility and Grade 5 Jumping.  My clever boy Whoosh

Here is Whoosh's Qualifying round


Well Whoosh got a Qualifierfor ticket  in Obedience.  My clever boy Whoosh, but after lots of soul searching I decided to stop doing obedience and concentrate on agility.

This is Whoosh's last Test C obedience Round


Herewith a little bit of Whoosh doing grade 6 agility at Dogs In Need 2011 along with my other dog Foxy


This is Whoosh settling into Grade 6


Whoosh attended the Olympia Semi's and what a clever boy he is.  He has qualified for Olympia here is Whoosh's warm up round and qualifying run


Doing a little bit of heelwork with special boy Whoosh October 2011