LookyLooky Border Collies


Kola the very first dog that I owned.  Born 1972 and died Died 1986.  A wonderful dog to have around 
she fitted in everywhere

Me in 1974 with a New Forest Pony I broke in.  He was called Fury (Can't think why!!!!!!)
He was one of the loves of my life

Another love of my life when I was 25 years old
My first German Shepherd Dog Khan Born 1986 died 1999 Such a special boy
Just Jenna Born 1987 a joy to own and work retired C only with a defective heart at 6 years old and she lived until she was 12 and half. A lovely lovely girl.
Kingsfarm Flashy Flicka Born 1991.  I never found Flicka an easy bitch to live with or to train but she was C only by 2 and half years old.  She got all her qualifiers for ticket except for that elusive win where she lost many a C class rolling in the down stay.  Flicka passed over at 12 and half years old  in 2003.