LookyLooky Border Collies


Zing - Date of Birth 4th March 2010

Zing Is an amazing little girl with so much stamina, commitment, speed, enthusiasm and joy.
She is very verbal and demanding and I adore her.

Here are a few videos and pictures of her first 9 months

7 months old and what a little star

A few little videos of Zing for you to enjoy



and a little bit of weaving


Hope you have enjoyed Zing's page and we will keep you updated.

Year 2011

Zing is now just over One year Old.  Where has that time gone?
Here is a little Video of Zing doing a bit of Agility work

Zing is now nearly 18 months old and her first agility competition is this
coming weekend 4th September.  Here is a little video of her doing a bit of
agility a few days before her first competition