LookyLooky Border Collies


Juice - Date of Birth 1st March 2010

Wow what can I say about Juice except that she is so very very clever, has been on this planet before and floats my boat in all ways.

Here are a few photos and videos of darling Juice.  I hope you enjoy them.

Juice 8 months old

One more photo

and here are a few videos for you to enjoy
and a little bit of obedience training at  7 months
Some agility
and some weaves training 
See you soon x

Year 2011
Wow it is now March 2011 and Juice is One year Old.  
She had an accident and had to be caged for 12 weeks which is a quarter of her life and she was so very very good, but she damaged the tendons in one of her back legs and had to have them stitched and I wasn't sure how she would cope with balance  etc when she started moving again.
Here is a little video I took of her just getting back into her obedience work

Juice competed in Obedience for the first time at 15 months old and got a 3rd place
and Juice is now nearly 18 months Old and will be competing at her first agility show this coming weekend 1st September 2011.
He is a little video  of the little bit of  agility training she did a couple of days before her first competition


Juice has had a great start to her agility though she gets very very excited.
She got a 2nd place in agility at her 3rd  weeekend Show
Here is one of her runs
It is now the end of the season and we will have a bit of a rest and will come back very soon