LookyLooky Border Collies


Rosmarinus Making Whoopee @ Lookylooky

****Puppies Born*******


Picture taken of Pups 17th August 2007 17 Months old


Merlin                                            Crazy                                             Whoosh

See Below for puppies in the nest when first born

Sassy was successfully mated to Ob.Ch. Taf'son Llwyd at Goldlawns

on 31st December 2005 and again on 2nd January 2006.



Puppies Born 2nd March 2006.

3 Boys and 1 Girl.

All doing brilliantly. See individual pages for each puppy


Picture taken 3.3.06

Picture taken 7.3.06

Pups Closeup

Sassy and Pups 17 days old.

Boys 17 days old

Sage 17 days old

Silk 17 days Old


Puppies 5 April 2006

Sage escaping from pen

Saver escaping

Some other pictures of the pups




Silk the little girl



Saver running

Sassy sunbathing

Sage and Saint attacking the broom

Sage taking a bow



Pups are 6 weeks Old

This is the pup I am keeping. His nest name was Saver, but  I have called him "Whoosh".

I will have a separate puppy page for each puppy and will keep you updated as to their progress.

This is Silk who is now called "Misty"