LookyLooky Border Collies


My Human Family

I have a very tolerant husband, who without his support, I would never have been able

 to have owned 8 border collies.

His patience of me and tolerance of my love of my dogs, is a quality that I love in him

and he has many qualities.

I often take him for granted, and I am sure at times he feels neglected, but I also think

he knows, that without him I could never have fulfilled my hearts desires

and that is to have spent many of my mature years following my hearts desire by breathing, l

iving, working, loving and training my special border collies.


I was blessed with three wonderful daughters

Tammi who is the eldest and enjoys taking people around on her yacht. 

( I personally haven't got any sea legs)

I still haven't got use to her being away from home, though she has been gone many years now.

Kirsty who lives away from home working in London and

Toni who still lives sort of at home and I see every day.  The other two,

I do not see very often, and I really miss them very much.

Tammi is on the left, Kirsty in the Middle and Toni on the right.

I am very luck indeed to have three wonderful girls.