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My name is Jill Holness and I live with my border collies nr Marlborough, Wiltshire.I compete in obedience and having recently started competing (April 2009) in Agility with my dogs and also help other people teach and train their own dogs from basic pet obedience through to competitive obedience. Dogs have been a major part of my life since I was about 18 years old.

I started with a Golden Retriever, then progressed to two German Shepherds before settling with Border Collies which are the main love of my life. At the moment I have eight border collies, that are alive and well. 

Sunny  "Bamboozle Red Alert" born September 1993 and Died May 2006 

Rest well my special boy until we meet again.


Chase "Foxtwist Born to Fly" born December 1996, though she doesn't think So and loves to have a conversation with you.  She chats away and if I am talking to one of the other dogs she is always trying to interrupt.

This is Chase and Bryn.  Darling Chase had a massive stroke in April 2010 and was Put To Sleep.  Oh Chase, you were such a wonderful girl and I am going to miss you so very much.

 Bryn "Foxtwist Anarchist" born December 1997 and I have just so enjoyed him being in my life. Unfortunately he developed severe Osteoarthritis which has caused him severe pain so he had a full hip replacement in May 2005 and the difference it has made to his quality of life has been unbelievable. 

Busybug Mystical Flyer - Fly

Fly  Born June 2000 and I don't think she realizes that she is suppose to be mature now!!! I don't think Fly will ever reach maturity.  She is so very very very young at heart.  Fly has been on this planet before.  She is so very very clever and I consider it a privilege to have shared many years with her.



Canen Chill @ Lookylooky - Acer - Born  March 2003 - Died May 2010 Sleep well my special Boy

Acer  born March 2003 and is my soul mate.Though I love each and every one of my dogs, he makes the hairs stand up on the back on my neck every time I look at him - and he knows it!!!

Rosmarinus Making Whoopee @ Lookylooky

Sassy  She really does make Whoopee and was born October 2003. She has such a joy for life I love to see the joy on her face when she is charging through the wood on a mission - looky for something!.  Sassy fulfilled one of my many dreams by having my very first litter of pups which I just so enjoyed so very much.  Darling Sassy has given me three beautiful babies.  Whoosh - Lookylooky Masterpiece; Crack - Lookylooky Little Cracker and Zing - Lookylooky Truly Amazing.  Thank you so much Sassy for being a big part of my life.

 Oliver Twist @ Lookylooky - Twist Born May 2004 Died November 2006

 Twist who was registered  on the obedience register as "Oliver Twist at LookyLooky"  a Crossbreed because his sire is unknown. Twist was born May 2004. Unfortunately, Twist had CEA which is an inherited eye disease,. Sadly he had this disease to its extremity and was blind in his right eye and virtually blind in his left eye.  Not that you would realize it too much if you had seen  him.  He was amazing and I just love and admire him. Twist started fitting  badly and it was a very very hard decision to have him put to sleep in November 2006.  Rest well my boy., until we meet again. I miss you so.

Canen Foxy Lady @ Lookylooky - Foxy

Foxy  born on 8th April 2005.  I never would have believed that I would have a chocolate and white Border Collie, but seeing a picture of Foxy at 12 weeks old just left me knowing that she was meant to be with me, and a girlfriend and I drove a total of 11 hours in one day to collect her .  Foxy had her first litter of 6 babies  in March 2010 and I kept the wonderful Lookylooky Fabuloso - Juice.  See Juice's own page


Lookylooky Masterpiece - Whoosh Born 2nd March 2006

Whoosh is my dream come true.  The first puppy that I bred, and what a little shiner he is

Whoosh isn't he beautiful


LookyLooky Little Cracker - Crack

Born 25th December 2007.

Photo taken Beginning of September 2008

Yet another Beautiful Lookylooky.

Please join me and walk through these pages of my family

To add to the family in 2010

Lookylooky Fabuloso - Juice Born 1st March 2010



Lookylooky Truly Amazing - Zing Born 4th March 2010

Lookylooky Border Collies taken February 2009


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