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Canen Foxy Lady @ LookyLooky

 Our babies are here and they are three weeks today 21 March 2010

This picture was taken when they were a few days old

Foxy has been successfully mated to Waggerland Murphy on 28th December 2009 a Blue Merle Dog and hopefully puppies are due around the 28th February.


We will keep you updated.

Foxy was born on 8th April 2005.   I can't believe that I have a chocolate and White.  I always said I would stay with black and whites, but that was before I met Foxy. She came to me via email as did Acer, from the same breeder as Acer, Shirley Bell and I want to thank Shirley for yet another very very special dog.  She is absolutely unbelievable.  I cannot believe my luck that I could have another special baby.  She is so very very bright, but she is such a mummy's girl and I have never had that in a bitch before at this young age. .

Foxy is a picture of her at  nearly one year old and what a stunner she has turned out to be.

Foxy 14 months old

Foxy and her relative Acer

Foxy is  enjoying her obedience training and below is a photo of her again courtesy of Bev of Foxy doing heelwork taken July 2006

This is a picture taken of Foxy December 2006 in the woods at Savernake

She was even beating Fly and that is saying something

26 May 2007 Foxy Won Novice and Acer Won A


29th July 2007 Foxy Won her 2nd Novice and Acer won another A

This is a picture taken of Foxy in the forest on 12th February 2008


Clever Foxy won A on 11th June 2008

Foxy won her 2nd A on 19th July 2008

and then bless her Won her last A on 27th July 2008 at Burnham.

Well done Foxy.  We may just get her into B before the end of the season, otherwise

she will come out doing her B work in 2009.

During 2009 I started to compete with Foxy in Agility also and she has done quite well.

She worked with Emma Peachey during July week of dogs in Need and Emma and Foxy did 

exceptionally well being in the Final and coming 2nd.  Well done Emma you handled her beautifully.

He is a little clip of Foxy doing one of her very first agility classes



During 2009 Foxy has won her B's and become C only.  What a clever girl she is.

I did her first 2 C's at Thurrock Elm Park at the beginning of October and was absolutely delighted

with her work.  She only had a slight blip in DC both days otherwise would have been very very successful.

I look forward to competing with her in C in 2010

Herewith a little video of Foxy doing a little bit in my village Hall in November 09


Foxy had a wonderful litter of pups in March 2010 

Foxy obtained her first qualifier for ticket in May 2010.  What an star you are Foxy.

Foxy then had another season in July and didn't come good again until End September and then Won Open C on 16th October 2010.  Clever Girl Foxy.  Two more qualifiers to go. 

Roll on 2011

Well 2011 came and Foxy got another qualifer for ticket in obedience.  She also was leading Open C and failed scent which she has never done before.  I had found trying to compete in two disciplines, both obedience and agility quite exhausting and after lots of soul search I decided to stop doing obedience and concentrate on agility (this was a very very hard decision has I had been doing obedience for 21 years).

This is a video of Foxy doing her last C round in Obedience


Foxy has also been clever enough to win Grade 3 agility and Grade 3 jumping and also get a 2nd in Grade 3 agility plus many places.  Well done Foxy

Herewith a little bit of her agility in a video clip of Dogs in Need 2011