LookyLooky Border Collies


Cracker from 6 weeks

Here are a few pictures taken of Cracker on Friday 8th February 2008. Cracker is 6 1/2 weeks old

This is Cracker's recall and I am thinking that I may have to move out of the way as he gets bigger Ha Ha

Here is Cracker having learned to retrieve (sorry blurry photo he was moving so fast)

Cracker taking 5 minutes

Cracker loves to carry things

What a Little Cracker he is

This is Cracker taken 8 weeks old

He is such a beautiful boy

Taken April 2008. Snow in April. 4 1/2 months old.

Cracker 8 1/2 months old.

February 2009

Crack is now nearly 14 months old and what a cracker he has turned out to be

a couple of shots taken February 2009

crack standing in snow

and posing

Here is a picture of Cracker resting at a Show in August 2009

 Crack with his 2nd Place Trophy in Jumping

This is a link to Crack having some obedience fun in my village hall November 09


Darling Cracker has excelled himself at both obedience and agility

In obedience he has won his Novices and A's and 1 B during 2010

well done my clever boy.

In agility he has gone from Grade 3 to Grade 5 and qualified for two

big finals.  CSJ final with me and he came 5th and he still has yet to

run the Olympia final with Simon Peachey on 19th December .

Good Luck to both of you x

Year 2011

Cracker is now just three years old and is maturing into a stunning boy.

Here is a little vid of his first agility show at Grade 5 in March 2011


Cracker has been amazing this year and has got stronger physically meaning he hasn't been knocking

sooo many poles in agility.

Having decided to stop doing obedience Here is Cracker's last round in Test B Obedience


Cracker won 3 Grade 5 jumping and one Grade 5 Agility to go Grade 6.  Clever boy Cracker

Here is one of Cracker in the JDA final


and one of Cracker's winning rounds


Cracker qualified for the Olympia Semis on Day 2 in September this year.

Because Whoosh has already qualified for day 1 if Whoosh gets through then Cracker cannot go into the Semi's as you are only allowed to go to Olympia with one dog.  How lucky I am to have qualified 2 dogs.

Poor Cracker had a terrible accident.  He got a blockage in his intestines and had to have a major operation at the beginning of August.  For a few days I was very very scared that Cracker wasn't going to make it, but slowly he pulled through and we are building Cracker back to normal.  Plenty of lead walking and flexi walking the problem now is not letting him get too mad!!!!

My vet gave Cracker the all clear on Wednesday 24th August.  Cracker is now allowed to free run and just have to build his muscles back up now.  Ohhh thank you my special boy Ok