LookyLooky Border Collies


"Foxtwist Born to Fly" ChaseDate of Birth 5.12.96

Chase is just lovely to have around.  She loves to talk to you and gets quite jealous

 if you want to train the other dogs.  She is wonderful to live with and from a competitive

obedience point of view won through the classes and won open C giving her a

n Obedience Warrant.  She works with tremendous enthusiasm and on many occasions

works me. It is a privilege to have shared part of my life with her and

I hope there are many more years to come.

The picture below was taken March 2005.

A couple of pictures taken of Chase July 2006. She can knock the spots of most of the dogs

Chase qualified for ticket and i would like to thank all the judges that appreciated  Chase 

as she progressed through the classes and also the C judges that gave her her qualifiers and  

that is Mr. Roy Goutte, Mr. Robert Bint, Mrs, Barbara Peters and Mr. Keith Gwillim. 

Thank you so much . I will never forget you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. 

There are also  many people who have major input into the success I have had, I am sorry that

I do not mention you personally here as there are many of you. You know who you are and

I thank you very much for all your support and help..  . I must also mention my  very dear friend

Mrs Sylvia Bishop who has been my mentor, my inspiration, my main teacher, my guiding force

and who without I probably never would have stuck with it. Thank you Sylv "Your Magic".

Chase worked her first Ticket Show and I was so proud of her.  She worked brilliantly and

we were laying third after The ring work and stays with only scent to do but unfortunately

she bought in the decoy cloth instead of the judge so we failed.   I have to accept that her

sense of smell is deteriorating.

Mind you, as you can see from the picture below, she can still tell you when she thinks she wants her dinner hee hee


Herewith a picture of Chase at over 12 years old.  She is such a darling

February 2009

It is with such sadness that I had to say goodbye to my darling Chase who

had a massive Stroke in April 2010 and was Put to Sleep.  Rest well my

special girl we will join again