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Foxtwist Anarchist - Bryn


These pictures where taken of Bryn when he was a younger dog in good health

Bryn is a wonderful boy and has given me such pleasure over the years. 

He is now just 7 years old and unfortunately after successfully competing in obedience

 and becoming C only and having 4 places in C, he was diagnosed with severe hip problems. 

In 8 months he had deteriorated so much that I knew only an operation would give him

hopefully some quality of life.

His operation was carried out in May 2005 and appears todate to have been successful. 

Bryn is at the moment having two twenty minute walks daily to build up the muscle in his

 leg and as you will see from the photographs he was standing and trying to move too quickly

sometimes, within days of the operation.

We need to see the specialist in July for him to re Xray the hip and to tell us if the muscle

 around the hip replacement has built up sufficiently for Bryn to be able to lead a normal life. 

 I am very optimistic and will of course keep you updated with his progress.

 The photographs are of him 2 weeks after the operation.   

As you will see he was shaved completely on the back end - the vets

shaved the wrong leg to start with, but infact it made him look even.

The scar is barely visible today, and of course I will keep you updated as to progress.

He does love to give kisses,

This was Bryn doing heelwork before I retired him due to his hip problems.

I will always miss working him he was such a special boy.

The picture below was a picture taken before his hip operation.

As you can see he had been for a swim. He does love the water.

I will always miss working this beautiful boy.  He was so willing and I just enjoyed working with him so much.

Herewith a couple of pictures taken of Bryn on 6th July 2006.  You can see he is

 still enjoying life very very much

And can he run!!!!!

My darling Bryn is now over 11 years old.  Who would have thought he would still be running around

after having had is hip replacement back in 2005 and it is now 2009.  He does find it difficult going sometimes

but a half dose of metacam seems to keep him very active and happy.

He are a couple of pics taken a couple of weeks back in February 2009

and here is Bryn running


Darling Bryn

Bryn is now 13 years old and he still acts like a youngster.
You would never believe he has had his false hip all these years.
He still goes for long walks with the others, though he paces himself he can be out with us for a couple of hours and if you pick up a bally he still wants to join in.

Here is a photo of Bryn taken September 2010 When he is nearly 13 years old