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2009 Agility and Obedience Shows

Posted by lookylooky on August 28, 2009 at 3:52 AM

What a fantastic year I have had from a competitive point of view.

I tried to balance my obedience and agility work, though I ended up doing more agility shows than obedience shows.

Firstly in my Obedience, Whoosh and Foxy winning their B classes and  have gone C Only.  Sassy winning her A classes and going B and C.

Acer has only competed in a couple of classes this year which has been very disappointing as he ripped a nail and it became infected and he had to wear a collar for 8 weeks so virtually a whole season wasted from a competitive point of view.

With regard to agility wow what a season I have had.  I have been placed many many times, but darling Whoosh won 3 jumping classes in grade one, then he won an agility class, putting him into grade two then at dogs in need week he won two agility classes making me grade 3.

Clever Whoosh

Crack settling in nicely and got a 2nd in a jumping class in grade 2.

Foxy has had quite a number of places and at Dogs in Need week Emma Peachey ran Foxy and she gained 5th place, 12th place, two 2nd places and was in the Final of the Classic Tournament and came 2nd.  Well done Emma and Foxy.

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