LookyLooky Border Collies



I started agility training in May 2008 and have just taken my first agility video of us doing agility.

Here are a couple of  photos taken of Whoosh during October 08

At take off

and jumping



and Whoosh coming out of the tunnel

and baby Crack doing a little jump September 08


 Click link below to see Whoosh doing a few jumps etc.

We are both enjoying it and hope to do our first UKA show on 26th October 2008.  We will keep you updated.


See another video of Whoosh and Baby Crack 9 months old doing Agility training on 11 October 08 on video page

Whoosh did his first UKA  Maxi jumping competition and came 4th at 18.92 secs.  I was so pleased with him.

We trained the agility course.  She video page for a video of this.

What an agility year we have had during 2009.

All three dogs have become Grade three at the end of my first season of competition.  Need to work on my handling skills for 2010.

Will keep you updated.

Well what a 2010 I have had.  Foxy stopped work to have a wonderful litter of pups.

Crack Qualified for Olympia with Simon Peachey as his handler - Well done Simon and Crack I will be there Cheering you both own.  

Crack also qualified with me for the CSJ Final in September and we came 5th in the Final.  What a very very special boy you are Crack.  

Crack has ended the year Grade 5.  Well done my wonderful boy

Thank you Diesel for siring such a wonderful boy and to Lorna and Simon Peachey for allowing Diesel to mate with Sassy twice to give me two of my special babies.

Darling Mr. Whoosh has just been fantastic going from Grade 3 to Grade 5 this year.  I love this agility and wish I had done it years ago.

Here are a couple of You tube videos of agility runs

Crack Grade 4 Jumping


Crack CSJ Final


And darling Whoosh


2010 Season has now finished and it is back to a bit of a rest and then more training.

Happy Xmas everyone and Fantastic New year for 2011